Hello Everyone (Introduction)

Hello! I am Azure_Raven. I am a fairly experienced gamer for many years now. Having played multiple MMO’s including a 4 year stint in Eve Online. Few things about me

I hate talking to about myself.
I have way to many hobbies(electronics, woodworking, airbrushing etc)
at any point in time my cat may try to kill me :slight_smile:

I look forward to diving into this new world and flying beside you!

Welcome aboard, Azure_Raven! We’re happy to have you and look forward to flying with you as well!


Welcome Azure_Raven. Nothing wrong with too many hobbies, especially artistic ones! See you out in the black with us!

Welcome to ADI Azure_Raven. I’m glad you joined the org. I have two hobbies; ADI and beekeeping. One is pretty sweet and the other only stings when the bees get me.

Welcome to the org Azure! If you like EVE, I’m sure you’d find a niche in the Trading & Commerce wing of ADI :slight_smile:

Welcome Azure_Raven!
What are your most favorite games you’ve played in the past 10 years?
Also, if you’re looking to get in touch with people from ADI, Discord ,Mumble, the forums and Org Ops are all great spots.

Again, welcome to ADI. I’m sorry you had to wait so long for your onboarding. I hope you’ll enjoy yourself here, and I’m looking forward to seeing you in the 'verse.

Welcome aboard, what you said about yourself in this post is enough to make me wanna fly with you. One of my cats likes to claw at me when she is hungry, or maybe she is trying to kill me. :smiley: See you in the verse.

welcome dude to the org happy to have you, see you in the verse

Hey Azure, welcome to ADI
Its always a great time around here. Whether you are just hanging around in Blackwells or in an org op.
Hope to see you around and if you need anything, feel free to hit me up on discord.
Sum Dum Bum

Welcome to ADI! I think all of our cats are trying to kill us, which is why they do “cute” things like laying on our faces and throats. Hope to see you online soon!

Awe you can’t have that many hobbies and not want to talk about yourself and them haha! Welcome to ADI! And careful of your cat… untrustworthy beasts :slight_smile:

Hello Azure_Raven,
Damn cats, they try to rule the world for a while now. Good thing, we live in a democracy, they can’t brain wash everyone. :slight_smile:
Keep an eye on the org ops, they are really great and see you on Mumble.

Hi! We have a lot in common with the projects (art and music for me) and the cats lol. I’m so happy to meet you! :grin:

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! I decided to pick up a new hobby. Streaming! I’m going to be attempting to go live nightly and document my journey as a new player to Star Citizen.

@Number_Red : My most favorite games of the last 10 years. Well I would say

Path of exile - For its mindless slaughtering of everything and wonderful Eye Cancer
Eve Online - For the community and shared goals. Iv never experienced anything like the feeling of a 10k person fleet working for 2 weeks around the clock to shut down an enemy
Destiny - Love first person PVE shooters. Iv stayed away from the PvP shooters just because I hate playing with other people who’s only purpose is to make someone elses day bad.
World of Warships - Loved the team play with a group of mates playing a theme. Belfast FTW!

@Azure_Raven Awesome choice of games there!
PoE indeed is a lot of fun, just slaughtering hordes of mobs for hours. I’ve been playing D3 more myself, I just can’t get a feel for the (slight) jankiness of the PoE engine. But I’ll def give it a good shot when they release PoE 2.0.
Sounds like I’ve been missing in EVE, 10K people working together sounds like a lot of fun.
I’m also not a fan of PvP shooters, so the only shooters I tend to touch are indeed the ones like Destiny and Borderlands.

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