Hello Everybody

Hi all,
I’ve been a backer of star citizen since the original kickstarter. I recently upgraded my ship to a constellation aquila because I want to play as a part of a team in multi-role ships / fleets and I am looking for an organisation with similar goals. I have played various elite games, wing commander games, xwing/tie-fighter games, but not so much recently so am looking to learn.

I am based in Edinburgh, Scotland


Hello DkEffect and Welcome,

Nice to hear you’ve got plenty of experience and know what to expect.

I’d like to crew in that Aquila connie of yours.

Welcome to ADI can’t wait to fly together!

Welcome to ADI DKEffect :slight_smile:

It was nice to talk to you. As you know we have a lot of active players and run OPs so you should fit right in.
Always people on Mumble and Discord to talk to and fly with and they are nice too.

See you around the Verse!

Hello DKEffect! Welcome to ADI!
I think you have found the right place for Multi role ships and crews! ADI, I am sure, will have many opportunities for you to learn and people to play with. I will see you in the game!

Welcome to ADI, DKEffect! Some amazing things when you play as a team. There is plenty of cooperative game-play going on here. It shouldn’t be hard to find people to crew your ship. See you online!

Welcome DKEffect! Good to see another X-wing vs. Tie Fighter pilot aboard. I absolutely loved that game. Maybe we can recreat some of the missions in the 'Verse at some time?

Welcome Aboard DKEffect! glad to see you enjoy the multi role aspect because teamwork is important to us and we have a blast doing things as a group. See you in the verse.

gald to have you with us DK, nice to see you have previous flight sim expirence thats always helpful. if you ever need crew for your aquila hit me up, or if you have questions about the game or the org let me know and ill be happy to help ouy

Welcome to ADI DKEffect. ADI is the place for you. I’m glad you joined us. One of my forefathers came from Scotland about 6 generations ago. I think you’ll be pleased with you choice of ADI. There’s lots going on if you want to join in, the people are great and the staff are knowledgeable. Watch for the alerts on Discord and don’t be afraid to volunteer. It’s a great way to interact with your fellows and see the org in action.

Welcome to ADI DKEffect. Good bunch of gaming history there. I’m also a fan of the Connie. See you in the 'Verse!

Welcome aboard DKEffect, glad to have you here at ADI! Make sure you join us in the mumble Public Gaming channel, we almost always have something going on! Hope to see you soon here in the 'verse.

Welcome to ADI DKEffect, cant wait till i see you in the verse =D

Welcome to ADI, DkEffect!

Nice to see the EU side growing, don’t hold it against me, but I’m from England :wink: I look forward to catching up in the game sometime soon.

Welcome DKEffect! Glad you decided to join up with ADI. I love the Connie Aquila but don’t own one personally. I look forward to flying with you soon.

Hello DKEffect,

Welcome to ADI, a great org to share your fun in game with. I own a constellation too, Great ship and much better with a good team you can trust on. You ve got the Aquila, are you more interested in exploring ?

Contact us in discord and mumble when you have questions, need teammate or just want to talk with us.

See you there and in the verse.

Ah the original Kick? That’s some dedication and congratulations on the Aquila! Glad to see another veteran of the X-Wing/TIE-Fighter games on board as well those were phenomenal. Welcome to ADI and the real question is: Alliance, Independent, or Imperial for favorite ships?

Hi all. Zelphis: My favorite was always the Imperial. I loved the feeling of fragility combined with speed. Having said that my favorite missions were with the tie bomber. I loved flying in a wing trying to get close enough to the rebel capital ships to launch the heavy torpedoes. It was so tense!

That is a fantastic answer and you’re right about that feeling of tension on making the torpedo approaches bereft of shields where any capital ships guns could reach out and hit you! I enjoyed the bomber until the game gave us the Gunboat :smiley: Then that became my favorite right up until the TIE-Defender which is still my favorite Imperial ship of all time. (Fighter Class anyway)

Welcome DKEffect, I’m glad you joined us. I also have the Aquila, and a few others. I can’t wait till exploration is more of a thing.