Hello Citizen´s, Foxrion reporting for duty

My Name is Emil, ive been gaming most of my life +15 years in various MMO´s.
All my interest is within MMO´s, and have done so more or less since the begining, being part of a community is the most fun way to play a game imo.
My First MMO was called Dark Age of Camelot, and have been playing it since launch in 2001 and have been playing until 2008/9 and on of since then, i played WarHammer online for a few years until they ultimately closed the servers down.
Besides that ive played MOBA´s Both Dota and HoN, been doing som PvP in WoW on off aswell. Besides that there´s not much mention been trying a few diffrent games that did not appeal to me, though SC did and been playing it alot even though we are just in Alpha.

Besides gaming, i live with wife, who is also a gamer.
Ive been working the navy for +12 years and various deployment including Anti Piracy, SNMG, Chemical weapons disposel and Deployment with the US G.W. BUSH in 2017.

Feel free to ask me anything.

Hi let me be the first to welcome you to ADI

Greetings Emil (Foxrion) glad to have you aboard (notice the Navy term, lol). Pretty cool that the wife is also in this passion with you, hope she hops on board as well. This is truly a good time to get into this project (definitely more stable), and having a good group of folk to work/game with makes it that much more enjoyable. Hope to see you in the ‘verse’

Hi Emil, welcome to ADI. Ask you anything you say? I’ll have to think of a few good questions.
It looks like you have quite the experience in MMO’s. I hope you enjoy Star Citizen. If you need a friend in the verse, send me a message.