Hello Atlas

Hi guys,

I’m happy to be here and start this new virtual space adventure (pixel spaceships, as usual, is serious business :smiley: )
I’m an old fart (45yrs old) playing online games since late '90ies: the first space game that caught my attention was Mankind Online (created by Vibes), then i moved to EVE Online in 2003 and I have been playing the CCP game until today, going through pretty much all field of activities in that game.

I’m completely new to the game, was dragged here by a RL friend during summer holidays so, here I am now.

I got your propaganda email this morning, so here I am: i liked your 3 rules and the reference to some sort of military mindset of several of your members.

Let’s go into this challenging space adventure with you all guys!

Very happy welcome Romulus!

Good to have another Eve Veteran onboard!

Hello Romulus, welcome to ADI. Looking forward to flying with you! :slight_smile:

Welcome RomulusMaximus,

glad to have you on board, and nice to have another old fart like some of us on board :laughing: Be sure to hop into Mumble from time to time in order to help familiarize yourself with a few of our many members…it helps! I look forward to flying with you soon. again welcome to ADI!