Hello, am new here

Hello there, just bought the game today and am installing it. Trying to learn what I can from videos and such. Not to sure what division to be apart of. Love to help others out when and where I can.

Welcome to ADI, we have alot to do here so I hope that you check them all out. See you in the verse!

Welcome aboard. Star Citizen can be somewhat complex, reach out if you have any questions. Be active in coms and look for multicrew opportunities, everything is more fun with others. Plus it’s a good way to learn different mechanics.

Welcome Rika!

Welcome Rika. Whatever you decide you want to try, there’s multiple somebodies here who can help you out with that aspect of the game. Look forward to seeing you around.

Welcome to ADI Rika! Good time to get the game as there is a big free fly event coming up next weekend. Great way to check out a whole bunch of ships for free :slight_smile: see you in the verse!

Hi Rika and welcome to ADI! There’s certainly a lot to learn and videos are a great place to get started! Hopefully as you’re in game you’ll find something you love to do :slight_smile:

Ohh… fresh meat! I was fresh meat only a couple months ago. Nothing better than exploring what a new game has to offer. Enjoy.

Welcome to ADI and see you around the Verse!

Hi Rika, Welcome to the group and welcome to SC, You found a great org to be a part of, it makes the gameplay fun and exicitng. Hope we can meet up in the verse, I would love to show you around and show you all the cool things the game has to offer. See you in the verse.

Rika welcome to ADI! Congrats on discovering Star Citizen. Make sure you check the basic certification trainings to help you get started in the game. See you in the 'verse

Welcome to ADI Rika. I’m glad your joining the team. I’ll see you in game.

Hi Rika. Welcome to ADI. Since you are just installing the game there will be too much to learn. But don’t feel overwhelmed, you can always fly with us and learn from experience instead of trying to remember everything in the game, see you in the verse

Rika welcome to adi! and whatever you choose i hope you enjoy life in star citizen. unless you’re a troll trolls can go in a cave.

SC has a lot to offer, I am sure you will find your cup of tea eventually!
Welcome to ADI!

Welcome to ADI

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