Hello ADI

Hey I’m a new recruit, you can call me Chris, Christopher, or Void if you like. I hope that this will be my long term clan and make some friends here, good to meet you all.

Hi Chris,

A warm welcome to ADI.
Nice to meet you.
Which division did you join and what role you aspire?

Cheers Changenl

Welcome Aboard Chris!

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries! I am Lexton one of the residence prospects here in ADI. If you have any questions about the Organization, Divisions , Star Citizen or any technical advise you might need… Feel free to PM here on the forums and I will answer to you when I can.

I hope you find your footing here in ADI, and know that everyone here is willing to help out. Don’t feel shy about asking any questions you might have, as the only bad question is the one never asked.

Again, Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Chris!

I am looking at being an escort fighter and maybe even a marine pilot, although anything we need I would be willing to do especially cargo hauling. I currently have a cutlass black and am looking to get a hold of some people in this org and go ing out into the universe. Also how would I join you all on the mumble server?

Welcome to ADI. You should have plenty of opportunity to fulfill both of those roles/play styles. Possibly even simultaneously; cargo will likely need escort protection.

Welcome to ADI Chris! Always glad to see another combat pilot! We will sure put you to use.

Hi Christopher, Nice I signed up for combat pilot. On thehow to join ADI page is the explanation on how to join mumble! C u in the verse and hear you on mumble :smiley:

Welcome to ADI ChristopherVoid glad you could join us at ADI we can always use a good pilot to help with escorting our fellow members around the verse see you around.