Hello ADI

Hey, just took the leap into the org world. Did my research and must say i’m impressed with how well thought out and structured ADI is. I’m personally more of a casual gamer but unless I have need to grind to pay bills generally up for helping or all around dicking around in space.
Currently own a ever so vicious and lethal AURORA MR, with an LTI Nox for flight support, and a LTI Vanguard Warden (soon to be owner of a hammerhead more than likely, struggling over if the cost in running/maintain would be worth it versus what I would get out of a less dangerous professional ship like the Reclaimer, Caterpillar, or the Crucible)
Primarily interested in earning through military missions, and escort duty for convoys with a possibly branch out later into cargo hauling or ship repairs.

Welcome to ADI. Sounds like you have a wide range of interests to pursue, we have several Divisions you may be interested in.

Hi Thoughburito0,

Welcome to the org! Indeed many interests so much to do!
Catch you later!

Welcome to ADI Toughburrito0 it’s nice to see you have a great idea about what you want to do in game I will be with you on those escort missions and other military missions when we get started. Looking forward to seeing you in the PU

cool Thoughburito0, you sound a lot like me :slight_smile:. So do you have 3.0 yet? we can get out and do some missions.