Hello ADI

I’m new to ADI and hoping to have a great time with you all.

Welcome to ADI, Grant!

It was great meeting you in onboarding and I’m looking forward to hanging out with you in the 'verse!

Hey there Grant - welcome to ADI - we’re certainly happy to have you!

Dont hesitate to reach out to a staff member at any time if you have any questions or concerns.

Welcome again and look forward to gaming with you.

A great time is inevitable.

Welcome Grant to ADI! I hope yo see you in mumble and discord. Don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Hey sandman! i welcome you to the ADI family. Hope to see you around.


Welcome to ADI. Best org in the 'verse and getting stronger everyday!

Come say hello on Mumble, I am always after a new wingman.

Hi and welcome @GranttheSandman to ADI glad to see you on bored and if you need anything. Don’t hesitate to send me a PM on here, discord or just grab me if you see me on Mumble and I’ll do my best to help you we are all here to help each other at the end of the day. I’m always about if you just want to fly or play a few rounds of star marine that’s great with me. well hope to see you soon

Welcome to ADI, GranttheSandman. See you in mumble

Welcome Grant, good to have you aboard. If you need any help follow me here, https://robertsspaceindustries.com/citizens/dethisnear,, and look for me in mumble or shoot me a message here and I will help in anyway possible.
Always good to see new faces!

Welcome to ADI. Was nice getting to fly with you. I am always down to fly so feel free to hit me up.