Hello, ADI!

Glad to be a new recruit! A little nervous joining such a large, organized organization, but also very excited. Here’s my bio:

A mix between a casual and competitive gamer- I have extensive experience with multiple tactical, competitive games (both FPS and strategy based). Star Citizen is essentially my dream experience being a huge fan of Mass Effect, Zone of the Enders, Crysis, Star Wars, Star Trek, and essentially every Sci-Fi title you can think of. A fully integrated persistent universe for Star Citizen sounds like a dream come true. Excited to be a part of it and to play with and within the community.

My plan is to be a private contractor for information, security, escort, bounty and asset recovery services. Military ops assistance is also a consideration depending on the mission details. I work well with smaller, focused groups.

Catch you in the 'Verse!

Thanks for the post! Glad to have you on board!

Welcome ViraIVV,

glad to have you on board! Be sure to hop in Mumble from time to time in order to help familiarize yourself with many of the other members within ADI…it helps. Hope to see you at the next Friday night flight night, and welcome once again.


Thanks Hyndrosa! I’ll definitely be there for Flight Night! :sunglasses: