Hello ADI

Hi there i go by the name Chairo on the universe.

Where to start; a little about myself i suppose.

I grew up as a somewhat anti-social nerdy tech loving kid from a pretty young age; first ever experiencing a video game on the NeS playing Mario and pac-man. Ever since there i’ve had a very fond interest in technology and computers remembering when i was still in grade school deciding to take apart a computer on my own for the first time. Naturally i had no idea how to put it back together and got in loads of trouble for it :laughing:

However Until high school i was never much into gaming or able to due to family restrictions and their expectations for studying and succeeding. My gaming really started to pick up once i found alternate means to play games and eventually obtained my own pc (albeit being a laptop at the time). At the same time i got interested in learning to program and code during high school and continued that from grade 10 to 12.

Life wasn’t always easy and not especially with parental expectations and after high school i took a few years to work a bit to earn some for college while deciding what i want in life. During that time is when my gaming skills and learning really picked up and i became pretty proficient in playing a wide variety and types of video games for the PC from various spectrum’s of genre’s.

Going into college i decided to become a programmer who can code and possibly land a great job working with a video game studio in the future. This is where i happened across Star Citizen and became highly interested in it; as my insatiable hunger for cutting edge and revolutionary games that stand out from the crowd knows no bounds!

I start to realize I’m terrible at short introductions and nervous to make a half-decent first impression so i will keep the rest of the intro short and sweet :smiley:

[center]TLDR part below[/center]

A few things i considered while filling out my application for ADI;

  • I happen to be highly highly competitive and very stubborn to the point of refusing to give up or fail.
  • I enjoy fighting against odds that might dis-advantage and outnumber me as i thrive on the knowledge i gain from it
  • I love co-operative game-play and helping other players or sharing the secrets and tricks i learned through self-teaching and trial and error as i become skilled at the game
  • I fight the good fight for the right reasons and highly dislike harming others or taking advantage of them

Anyhow enough with the long introduction hope to see you all online :blush: :sunglasses:

Welcome aboard!

Welcome Chairo,

great intro…reminds me of the Goonies movie…“Hey kid I want you to spill your guts and tell us everything…everything?..EVERYTHING!..Everything, okay…in the third grade I cheated on my math test…” LMAO :laughing:

Seriously though, glad to have you on board. It really helps other members know who to turn to when one needs assistance, and you seem to have an extensive knowledge when it comes to PCs. You seem like a great fit for ADI and I’m sure we’ll benefit from having you. Be sure to hop into Mumble from time to time in order to help familiarize yourself with a few of our many members…it helps! I look forward to flying with you soon, and again welcome to ADI!