Hello ADI

Hi everyone

Thanks for inviting me.
My name is MIchael I’m from Heidelberg Germany I’m 33 years old.
I’m very exited about Star Citizen, I think it will be the greates game ever made once it comes live.
I’m looking forward to be an explorer in the finished game.
I own a 315p and a Constelation Aquila (for wich I have allready bought an upgrade to the Carrack wich I will apply once it’s flyable).
Let’s see what ADI and I can do for each other.


Hi Crashkid,

Always a pleasure to see people being excited about the game, as we all are! Looking forward to see you on Mumble :slight_smile:

Welcome Crashkid,

yes, like Sangoria mentioned, love the enthusiasm; pretty much everyone here can’t wait till the full release, let alone 3.0! Either way, glad to have you on board! Be sure to hop in to Mumble from time to time; it definitely helps one get familiar with some of the members in respect to how large we are. I look forward to playing with you in the future. Again welcome to the Org!