Hello ADI from a new prospector of adventure.

Hi all I wanted to intro my self. My name is Chris and I am from the states. I started back in 2013 the game was still a little. I came here to look for others like me that are seeking a good time and Adventure. I am very Interested in the trade in this game and am looking to have a good time.

Hey Chris, welcome to ADI. Don’t really have prospecting or trading in the game yet, but we do have flight night tomorrow if your interested in a little combat as well. Otherwise, think should hopefully get interesting in a month or so.

See ya in the verse!

Hello TheNojino,

Really enjoyed onboarding you tonight. Your cargo running and your cargo ship will be a strong addition for the org, I am sure.

Much welcome! o7

Hello TheNojino and welcome aboard. I too am in the Commerce and Transportation group and look forward to doing some space trucking with you when 3.0 drops soon. Get in mumble and start making friends and remember tomorrow night is Flight night.

Hey Chris, and welcome to the family.

I got the chance to talk to you briefly. Unfortunately i had to go to bed because of not being able to keep my eyes open :stuck_out_tongue:
I am happy you decided to be with us and I am looking forward to your friend also joining us.

See you on Mumble soon.

Greetings from Switzerland


We are so grateful to have you aboard. It’s always good to have some more traders among us :slight_smile:.

Hello Chris,
Welcome to ADI, it’s great to have you here. Trading seems to be a great way to approach the game. I’m liking forward to see what’s implemented in the 3.0 patch. Remember to connect with us on Mumble and a discord for more interaction with org members. Hope to see you out there…

Hello TheNojino and welcome! If you have any questions or need anything don’t hesitate to send me a message. I look forward to flying with you.

Hello Chris,

welcome on board. Hope you have a good start in ADI.

Feel free to call us when you need help. Please check our calendar. We have events at the weekend and you presence will be appreciated.

See you around ADI and the verse

Welcome TheNojino,

And thanks for your interest in ADI! I’m glad you found the Org you were looking for. Sounds like you and WaterDrop had a good time with your on-boarding which is always a plus. :smiley: I know the C&T folks will be happy to add another hauler to their list as well :laughing: Anyway, we’re very happy and excited to have you on board with us! Be sure to take some time to get settled in, and continue to hop on Mumble in order to become a little more familiarized with some of the many members we have…doing this will help you on in the long run, especially with us moving closer and closer to the SC 3.0 release. In the meantime, be sure to check out and hang out in some of the more active games such as ARK while we push towards the release of 3.0. We do host a Friday night flight night for Star Citizen (EU and US times respectively, but you’re more than welcome to join up with both) to help you practice your flying skills, as well as getting to know some of the ins and outs of ADI and our members.

Be sure to let us know if you have any questions, and once again welcome to the ADI family!