Hello ADI and fellow Citizens

Hello ADI and fellow Citizens,

since the first recruitment of ADI some time ago(march 2018), i always mentioned to your hardwoking recruiters i will contact you once the time is right, since then, alot has changed in SC.
The game is now in a state where it makes sense to me to join the ORGs i feel reflect my gamestyle. What ADI achived, an Org that has put so much effort into what it is today, with over 6000 members is really impressive! The first impression i had about your Organisation is still persistent, and now, i finally say hello :slight_smile:

I started SC with 2.6, but at the time the gameplay was not in a playable state for me so i gave it more time. Time passed and i gave it another try. I was a lonewolf enjoying SC in the PTU only, i was testing and bugreporting… since 3.6 and with a fairly stable gameplay experience that changed drastically. I was able make new friends, and the fun you have with other people playing and working together got me finally hooked to Star Citizen. Yesterday, @SpaceTomato contacted me, since we share the same Org, namley DeepSpaceCrew, and asked if i would be intersted in makeing the membership official. The timing could not have been better, because i wanted to get in contact(Mumble) basically next week; but he was quicker^^

My playstyle is not fleshed out to a specific role, i’d love to do everithing SC has to offer, but at heart im a fighter.(Air/Ground/CQC coming from ARMA)
I also just fly or walk around, enjoy the amazing scenery and make Videos and Timelapse captures. If you ask me what Division i would fit in the most, i would say PCS and FF. I’d love to know, is there a dedicated Media Crew as well?

thanks for reading, cya in mumble, and the verse :slight_smile:

Glad to see your getting involved M4770!
Looking forward to joining you in game and getting to chat on Mumble soon!

Get in touch whenever you’re ready to get brought into the fold!

Welcome M4770! I have to agree with you, it wasn’t until recently that I felt like I could play Star Citizen more consistently like I would other games. If you have any questions about the org or anything feel free to ask! I look forward to seeing you around the verse!

Hello M4770 and great to see your deciding to get back into SC! We are happy to help you in any way. Get that onboarding done and become a member, we have a lot to offer! Something to consider after you spend some time with us is volunteering for leadership, should you decide to go that route. Let us know if you have any question and see you in game!

Hi M4770, Glade you have chosen ADI as your new home for SC. I got to agree with you have the game is getting better and better with each patch. Hope to see you around in the verse.

M4770, thanks for the solid introduction post and welcome to ADI. I look forward to flying with you soon.

Welcome aboard M4770. Good to have you with us!

Welcome to the ADI Portal M4770, please make sure to review the join link regarding onboarding for membership. If you have, please disregard. Hope to see you soon as a full member!

Welcome to ADI M4770, glad to see you’ve taken your time to look for an Org you feel you will fit in with and we’re happy you’re aboard!

Welcome M4770, we are sure glad our persistence paid off to have you on board and look forward to seeing you out there. It is crazy how much it has changed. I too tried it out early and bought some ships, but then waited around each time a release came out to play just a little. Enjoy!

Welcome to ADI. It’s interesting that you and SpaceTomato are members of DSCREW. It’s important to make and maintain friends but more important to be loyal to your org. See you in space.

Hey M4770,

Welcome to ADI!

The game have really changed and you can get so much fun out of it in a good group.

Jump on our Mumble channel to get onboarded and you can start flying with all of us.

Howdy, M4770.

2.6? wasn´t that those awkward Patch, where nothing worked really? (at least for me)

Anyway, welcome at ADI and have a fine time here

Hey there M4770, there’s a news van in he works and always a bounty to collect. Here in ADI i’ve been part of many operations in which a fighter flew support on a mission. You’re play style will fit in great here, Welcome aboard (no press pass required).

Hello M4770 and welcome. If your ever up for some ARMA 3 let me know.

Welcome M4770 to the ADI Web Portal. If you need assistance with onboarding, leave a message here or review the Join tab instructions here on the website. Look forward to having you join our ranks.

glad to have you M4770, cant wait till i fly with you in the verse

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