Headset suggestions

Looking to get a headset that has separate game and chat volume control. Preferably <$75 on the price. I’ve looked around, but I trust you guys opinion more than any review.

One thing I can point out immediately is that you can already control game volume and chat (mumble) volume independently - just go to your volume mixer in the tool bar (for windows at least).

That said, I personally have the Logitec G933.
It is a little higher than your price range I believe, but it is a fantastic headset.

Unfortunately, it is the only one I have owned, so I cannot make any other suggestions, but hopefully the volume mixer tip helps you out a bit.

Thanks for the suggestion. I too agree that the G930 (assuming that’s what you meant) is a great headset as I have owned one for years and years. The mic finally broke off of it and I’m tired of using electrical tape to hold it in place lol.

I know you can adjust the two via many different ways (adjust game volume, adjusting system volume, etc.) however if I’m going to get a new headset then I’d like to get one that has the independent control on the fly while playing. It’s a feature I’ve always wanted, but my G930 worked so well for so long.

I may just get another G930, as it was the best setup I’ve ever had (short of studio quality headphones and a yeti mic). I’m just wondering if there are other decent options out there with the independent control inline.

Also price could be increased a bit if someone shows me one that I really like.

The G933 is the new version of the G930. I know I’ve talked headphones with Jay and others in the past and been linked recommendations with those independent controls, but I don’t have them now. They’re also all wired if that’s a dealbreaker for you like it is for me.

For something in your budget I recommend these:

Wired: Turtle Beach P12 headset $70-$75

Wireless: Turtle Beach Stealth 400 $70-$75

I own both and have had them for 3+ years and they work great for the price point. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better headset under $100.00

Thanks for the recommendations, I’ll check them out. I’ve never been a turtle beach fan, but maybe it’s time lol

You can also check out the Corsair Void series as well. They range in price depending on if you want RGB and or wireless.

for the higher end, I love my seinhauser Game zero, although it is above your price point.