Having major graphics issues

I have a very blurry, shaky delayed view when in the game. Controls respond with about a one second delay. Sound is ok. I updated my graphics driver…my guess, I don’t have enough horsepower…

Nvidia GE force 745.

Does thins sound like a job for an updraded graphics card??

From looking at the minimum specs of SC you should be able to play it. Are you experiencing any of these issues with similar games? (those that require 1gb video ram with gx11) I couldn’t find a list of supported cards, so idk if there was any issues specific to that card. Have you tried turning down the settings and seeing if that makes a difference? or changing the resolution?

The bottleneck could also be coming from elsewhere too. cpu perhaps. Your just going to have to start experimenting and see what works. I would start by running some gpu intensive games and see if you can mimic the symptoms you are having in SC.

Also, I would suggest updating your graphics drivers if you haven’t in awhile. It’s worth keeping them as up to date as possible.

Guessing its a OEM (came with your bought computer) card. Specifically


that one?

Its a pretty weak card for SC. It is DX11/DX12 supported. You might be able to do lower detail settings or 720p. (1280 × 720?) resolutions.

I guess to put it in some perspective. The 760 which is similar to my 660ti in performance which can only really do 1080p (apparently the del facto sweet spot right now) on medium. “high detail” is playable, but choppy.

And that is a card with 2GB of memory, 1152 “CUDA cores” 980mhz with 192.2GB of memory bandwidth.

The OEM 745 is from the page above, 384 “CUDA cores”, 1033mhz with only 28.8GB memory bandwidth using much slower DDR3 based memory (vs GDDR5, which most higher end cards pack)

Now if it does happen that the card you have may need to be replaced, keep in mind the power supply your computer is built with, it may or may not limit your options.

Also found this, not sure if it will help: reddit.com/r/starcitizen/com … is_a_look/

Should have been fixed with the latest versions of GeForce Experience.

If he does have the GTX 745 he should definitely have no problem playing. I use the GTS 450 which is half the speed and my game works good not great. Can’t race what so ever but vandal swarm and dog-fighting are pretty decent at medium graphics with a few glitches here and there. My new card will fix that :slight_smile:

The 745 GPU is a slot above the older 450, but you do have one advantage over even that newer card.

Memory. using DDR3 vs GDDR5 on the card kills the memory bandwidth. Its kind of like buying a v8 sports car and filling the trunk with cement. (or a early 80s GM small block) Your 450 would pretty much doubles it in the memory department. And those textures like some memory.

Manufactures using standard DDR on a GFX card really should be something punishable. One hell of a noose with little cost savings.

Have you tryed running with a lower screenresolution ? Might help to find out if it is GFX or Main.