Have duplicate ships, which one should I upgrade?

As the title states, I have multiple Freelancers. My question is, which version should I upgrade? The original, or the latest one?


I need to watch this as I’ve got loads of duplicates…

Usually the one with the highest number.


Usually or which ever one you can call on the console … lol. One time I was able to call #4 but I had 5 duplicates.

Looks like @ColeHunter was right on the money. The only one I can even select is the one with the highest number :slight_smile:


Keep in mind people may have more than one of the same ship but still have a number. I have 2 Prospectors, one purchased the other a stand-in (for a Vulture I believe). So I have a Prospector and a Prospector-2. Both are flyable.

When you go to select a ship to customize, if it has the red lock it’s probably one of the unclaimable ones. That is the biggest indicator of which you can and should modify. And if you have more than one, you will just have to remember which ones have what, if you do different load outs :slight_smile:

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