HapticGoupil says hello!

Hi everyone , looking forward to join the ADI adventure in Star Citizen. To introduce myself, let’s just say i’m a older guy ( i played freelancer the space game & was a fan of it when i was younger :wink: ) with lot of exp. in video games (playing mostly…)
As for SC, i’d like to try all aspects of the game of course but my main envie is EXPLORATION… !
Well see you in space (and mumble also…) !


Hey, HapticGoupil! Most of us are veteran gamers so you will be right at home. I can’t wait to go on deep space exploration missions. Hopefully us explorers start getting more love pretty soon as the game continues to develop and we get more goodies to play with. Hope to see you on mumble so we can finish up your onboarding. Once we get you plugged in, you wont want to turn back. Welcome!

Welcome HapticGoupil! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home with active and experienced members to enjoy the Verse. Hope to fly with you soon!

Hello Haptic and welcome. Age is but a state of mind…and if you can’t tell what state, no one is going to mind! Exploration is a game play with loads of potential; many in ADI look forward to the day they can strike out into the unknown and see just what’s out there…and the rest of us will be ready to harvest the resources, provide security, and transport the goods. Your experience will be valuable as we grow the org of the future. Look forward to meeting and flying with you soon. See you in Mumble and in the Verse!

Don’t sweat age, brother. We’ve got people across the whole spectrum. 18 to 60+. You don’t need to be young to love this stuff. Or even be good at it. I love exploration myself. I’ve kinda built my fleet towards exploitation of exploration. haha Welcome aboard!

Hi HapticGoupil, Welcome to ADI. Looks like you’ll be right at home with us :wink:. Hope to see you in the verse.

Hey there Haptic! Welcome to ADI!
See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI HapticG. I so loved Freelancer too, so much so in fact that the only ship I wanted when I first pledged to SC was the Freelancer. Since then it’s been upgraded to a MIS and then to keep it from getting lonely I added a MAX to the hanger. Gotta love those Freelancers. I look forward to see you in game.

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Haptic! Feel free to ask around if you’ve questions in the chat servers or here in the forums!

Welcome Haptic to the org, see you in the verse man

Welcome to ADI Web Presence Haptic! If you have not already, check out the “Join” link so you can participate in the membership onboarding.

Hello Goupil,

Welcome at Atlas Defense… Exploration is a stunning field, especially when it comes to planetary landscapes… Hurston may look like a gigantic trash can, but if you find all those amazing savannahs, you simply fall into love with the planet. So I am already looking forward when Microtech is released.