Handle changes

I know there’s a facility to change your handle and community moniker on RSI’s website. But do we have the facility to change our ADI username on the forums to match it? I’ve had a look at the FAQs and can’t see anything relating to this.

The reason I ask is I’m considering a handle change on RSI. We lost my Dad to cancer on Thursday, and I’d like to put something a bit more meaningful than just my name as a handle, something that takes his ancestry and heritage into account. If the handle I have in mind is available, it’s also a lot less unwieldy.

Cheers all.

Yes. If you wish to change your name, contact one of your division staff members and let them know what name you would like. Obviously it must be an appropriate name (plz use A-Z, 0-9, case is up to you).

Once the name is okayed, you will need to change your Handle and Moniker…please make sure they match. Notify a staff member when done.

Next your mumble, discord and forum names will need to be changed by the staff. Finally the staff member will work with S1 to update the member roster.

Thanks for the info. The only stuff I could see on the “Join” page was concerning changing your RSI handle and moniker to match whatever you were going to use for ADI before you joined, nothing about post-join changes. It wasn’t something I was planning, but real world circumstances have caused a rethink. I’ll sort it out with M&S Division.


If you ever have a question about anything…just ask one of your staff TLs (I liked using a Discord PM). If the TL doesn’t have the answer they will ask an Assistant Director and it will keep going up the chain until resolved.

Thanks. I’ve actually already sent a forum PM to Joshua, he’s the only M&S staff I’ve actually spoken to on Mumble.

Probably not the best plan to go directly to your Division Director, they’re often swamped, and any TL or AD can get this taken care of, here is a list of staff in your division - atlasdefenseindustries.com/divis … ng-salvage

I did receive this PM, but it showed 0 new messages in my inbox. I missed it somehow, but I changed it in the forums and on Mumble, Discord was already changed.