Halp. Please.

Hey guys, I duno if anyone else is having this issue but I’m at my wits end with it.

  1. The keybinding options (in game) are terrible. You cannot clear any keys (which leads to conflicts), having the X52 you cannot use the secondary trigger pull on the main trigger, loading xml files is now worthless as the new key binding overrides it everytime.

  2. I cannot stop going in reverse. I duno what todo. Im seriously think Im going to lose my mind. Ill be randomly flying then all of a sudden, my hornet flips into a reverse. I try to use the brake and no response, Ive tried to use my throttle stick, no success. Anyone else?

Ive already uninstalled and reinstalled once…

Select keyboard/mouse as your control setup and use the xml file… that should work if it doesn’t hop on teamspeak and we’ll figure it out.

You can also select one of the other default joystick profiles and them it will reset everything. I agree with Jay and I am using an xml file.

I think you solved this issue, but the going in reverse is from a dial on the throttle stick. It’s the dial that is underneath the button that is originally bound to ‘boost’. I don’t know the number, sorry.