Hailing landing zone with keypress

Is there a way of targeting landing zones without going into the mobiglass? I know you can put comms on mdfs but the landing location never shows up and still have to use keyboard and mouse for that. Profile I use has hail traget but haven’t figured out how to target a landing location anyway.

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None that I know…mobi or MFD are the two options at the moment.

There is a button for Hailing - “9” ? But I have never tested it.

Not that I’ve seen.

that places a call to the ship you’ve targeted…doesn’t work for stations

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I once watched a video in which a guy programmed Voice command to press the button.
Basically he said ‘hail station’
Then the VC pressed F2, scrolled the mouse left 80 pixels, down 120 pixels and then pressed left mouse button, before closing the mobi glass with F2.

It was all pretty impressive and cool that he’d worked out exactly how the mouse needed to move but it was flawed.

He admitted that he had to leave the mouse cursor in exactly the right place for it to work and his head tracking sometimes threw off the starting point of the mouse movements. On top of that he was sometimes getting a delay which meant that VC would move the mouse and depress the button but SC hadn’t loaded the screen in time.

All in all he summarised that it was a colossal waste of time and that he’d go back to the very annoying way that everyone else does it through F11.

That would be awesome. I’ve used voice command in the past but not recently. But yeah, doesn’t sound like that works. I knew about hail target but you can’t target a station for some reason. That would also help with distance instead of leaving your quantum drive on.

On the plus side I finally was able to use a MDF to hail a station. Assuming the F options are working correctly, that cuts out multiple steps involved when using the multiglass and you get a visual indicator that your close enough to hail. Of course you should still be able to hail from a long distance and just be told your not close enough to get a docking location.

They need to make stations targetable, so you can hail them

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There is 2 types of hail, hail target (not working as yet or havent tested it) and request landing hail to station. Both can be shortcutted keys which i aasigned to my x52pro

Last time I tested Hail Target it worked.

I use Two taps:
F11, and Click ATC … works every time.

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If patch leaks are to be believed, they are adding a keybind to perform landing/takeoff request with ATC in 3.17. Once it drops to wave1 we’ll know more.