Hey I’m new around here, I looked around the org page and found this one, ADI seemed like the only real fit for me.

Welcome aboard, hope you enjoy your stay and feel free to hit me up anytime if you want a fellow new guy to hang around with~! Have you decided on which division you’re interested in yet, or still looking for a good fit? I myself am in E&S, but hope to see you around sometime. ^^

Hello Haffinstaaff and welcome to ADI! We’re glad to have you! What type of game play interests you? If you find you have any questions about ADI/SC please don’t hesitate to make them known. You’re part of a very positive and helpful group of gamers; a great org to explore the verse with! Feel free to hit me up via PM here or on Discord any time. Welcome aboard!

Welcome Aboard Haaffinstaaff! I am Marcko, one of the ADI Staff Prospects, hope you enjoy your stay here, if I can be of any assistance, pm me here, or look me up on Mumble, again welcome to Atlas Defense Industries, see you in the Verse’

Hi haaffinstaaff, where does that nickname come from? Welcome to ADI and see you soon on mumble!

Bye changenl