Gumpyoldmad just joined

Hello All,

I am very happy to have been accepted as a new member and therefore would like to say Hello to all.

Name is grumpyoldmad, or grumpy for my friends :wink:

Living in Germany, love to learn the ropes here and meep new people.

I sure hope I can be an asset to ADI and hope to see all of you around the verse.

Cheers and stay healthy

Welcome Grumpy (We are friends already, Ive decided)

Glad to have you onboard, what ships are you flying then dude? Look forward to flying the Verse with you soon!

Welcome to ADI! I am sure you will find a place in ADI to be a wonderful asset. I look forward to flying with you. What activities do you enjoy in star citizen

Hello, and thanks so much for the warm welcome.

My ships currently are M50, Super Hornet, Freelancer MIS, 315p, Connie and Aurora LN (which I might upgrade to a Prospector). I am very interested in Mining, Transport and Exploration but of course want to learn dog-fighting in my Super Hornet and Missile Throwing in my MIS. :slight_smile:

Just need to get my Joystick (which is on its way as per Amazon) and hopefully get it setup soon.

And whenever I can find the time I sure want to participate in Training sessions to learn and NOT crash landing my ships anymore :wink:

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That’s a pretty sweet line up you have there. If you ever want to practice dogfighting, missile throwing and bounty hunting. That’s mostly what I do and I love working with others.
Ahhh landing is just controlled crashing and it comes with practice lol.

Welcome to ADI!

Hi Grumpy, welcome to ADI!

Welcome to ADI grumpyoldmad. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to your checking out ADI’s weekly mining exercises.

Thank you All for the kind welcome. I sure will check out the Mining Exercises ASAP. And GoldRanger I will also take you up on your offer - I am looking forward to learn a lot around the handling and of course dog fighting. :slight_smile:

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Hi Grumpy and welcome to ADI,

Glad to have another EU member join us, I would suggest checking out our calendar on our website for the next operation that might interest you, and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. :slight_smile:

See you in the verse and once again welcome.

Thank you very much!

Just signed up for Formation Flight Training to learn the basics. And unfortunately need to see how I can get my joystick setup correctly :frowning:

but I’ll get there :wink:

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If you need any assistance drop a message on the Discord Channel #tech_talk :wink:

Welcome to the org! It’s great to meet a fellow mining/exploration enthusiast! We have quite a few here :slight_smile:

As you may know, we have a lot of activities you are welcome to join, so I think you will be able to experience any type of gameplay you feel like doing!

GRUMPY! You and my daughter must be related - she goes by grump-grump!

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