Grey Market

For anyone who is looking to buy ships on the Grey market to either get an Alpha slot or expand your fleet, please see me as I can steer you clear of issues like this one. There are some great people selling Alpha slots at cost and there is no need to buy from an unknown buyer.

Ship Scam

Trusted Sellers Reputation Thread

Just FYI I still have a few alpha slots left at cost for members.

Might wanna pick one up jay. How much do you want for it?

Whatever it cost me plus paypal fees…
so $40 for the regular MR’s and $45 for the LN’s plus paypal fees.

Hey would those include LTI ? I figure more than likely not but thought I would check, I have a friend who is
wanting to start playing & is interested, thanks for any info.


No, LTI ships are going for 2 to 3 times that… These just have alpha access.