I am Spokig, 27 y/o Swede who is in the Swedish Armed Forces. Been playing games since i was but an youngling and put way more money into this hobbie then i wish to admit.

I will put my ship(s) on the line to protect the rest of the heard.

Welcome to ADI Spokig! Nice to see even more Scandinavians here!

Welcome Spokig, I do believe you will be in good company when it comes to be around people that like to sink money into their gaming hobby :wink: I look forward to flying with you and keeping the fleet strong.


Welcome to ADI! No need to risk your ships for the org, we’re happy to have you onboard, and we’re happy to help you in anyway possible. If you have any questions or need a wingman or crew in the verse, send me a message.

Hi Spokig,

Welcome to ADI, Im guessing you are looking to join Fleet Sec? Looking forward to talking with you soon.

Hello and welcome!

Though I’m American I have Scandinavian blood, my ancestors were actually a royal Norwegian family haha (true story). Lefse is also a joy.

Welcome to ADI, Spokig! Glad to have you aboard! What aspects of game play do you enjoy the most?

Hey Spokig, welcome to ADI my friend.
Always nice to see new faces join up.

Looking forward to flying with you in the verse sometime! o7

Hey there Spokig! I like that you are willing to put your ships on the line to help the org. You will find that many of the other members you come across have the same mindset and I think that’s what makes this group special. We have lots of armed services and emergency services personnel among the ranks. Get on mumble and discord so that you can meet other members. Welcome to ADI and I look forward to seeing you around.

Välkommen mannen,

Good to see an active duty member join. Hope to see you hanging out on mumble and playing some games with us shortly.


Hey all I’m a 35 year old gamer based in California. I am concierge, and have plenty of ships for us to play with from the Polaris to the Orion, Carrack, Freelancer Max and 890J plus many many more. Last time I looked I had 24 ships in total and am hoping to snag an Idris this go around or even better, an alien Cap ship. Glad to be here hope to play some with ya all.

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Hey All saying hello again, changed my handle so this is me! I have about 24 ships and growing, can wait to share with the Org, ranges from Polaris to Superhornet and lots in-between. Hopefully getting an Idris this year. See ya all in the Verse!

Welcome to ADI, look forward to seeing you in the Verse…

Great to hear that there’s somebody out there to help protect poor defenceless industrialists like me :smiley: