Greetings, I am Dakamer!

My name is Dakamer and it will be a pleasure to meet everyone in Atlas! I look forward to meeting everyone!

Welcome Dakamer to ADI - What ships do you have - what are you looking forward to do in the verse? Enjoy your time here!

Howdy Dakamer, and welcome to ADI! Nice talking with you, Sir, and looking forward to seeing your training skills in action.

WEcome to the org Dakamer, we look forward to getting to know you as well. I over heard some of your conversation in the lobby and i am really looking forward to running ops with you :slight_smile:

Welcome Dakamer; I am survey scout Mesachie. I look forward to running ops with you.

Weclome to ADI, Dakamer! You’ve chosen your Org wisely! What division interests you the most?

Welcome to ADI, Dak! Great to have you on board and I look forward to running ops with ya.

Welcome to ADI Dakamer :slight_smile:

Your name sounds familiar. Hope to see you soon on Mumble and in the Verse.

Thanks, Cal! I’m very excited and Iooking forward to playing you you!

Dakamer, welcome to ADI! What ships are you running?

I have some…LOL…! Medic, Endev hope class, 2 Vannys, LanceMAX, 2 TRs, 2 AAs, Rover, arrow, Grey Valk, Lib Valk, Herc C2, CutBLK, super hornet, and a carrack. I need that 1-800- ship addict number!

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I thank you for your time and the inboarding! You rock and I hope to not disappoint!

Greetings and thank you for the Hello!

I am a runner and gunner! Security and personal escort services are where my interests are. I am also interested in training.

Hello Dakamer,

Welcome to ADI. Nice you join our “little” lovely org. If you need assistance or just want to spend time with us, feel free to join in discord and mumble. Get your ship started and have fun.

See you here, there and the verse.

We can always use more Dakka lol welcome to ADI Dkamer, make yourself at home.

Hey Dakamer,

Looks like you've got some really great ships. Im also interested is Security, see you around the verse!

Daaaaaaaaak, we made it! haha. Now to find where they stash the bacon around here…shhhhh

Welcome Dakamer, can always use another gun.

Dang, that is a fleet all your own.

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