Greetings from Systems United Navy


I am Lieutenant Dominic Warfield from Systems United Navy (SUN) and I happened across your organization today when browsing through the RSI Org forum. Those shout-out videos from CR and Sandi were awesome! Anyways, after seeing that and seeing your expert racers (That Sleepy guy is dedicated!) I figured I’d stop by and say hello! I have to say you guys have an outstanding site! It’s extremely well-done, honestly I’m kind of jealous! This is certainly quite the impressive organization I look forward to crossing paths with you all in the verse(Or AC). Just wanted to say that, I hope you don’t mind I made myself an account to use in the forum here!

Best Regards,
-Lieutenant Warfield

Systems United Navy
Battle Group Liberty

Thanks for the kind words, Dominic and welcome to the forums. We’re all very proud to a part of this organization. We like to keep it relaxed and have fun but take it seriously and most of our guys are a pretty competitive bunch of perfectionists.

I’m glad to see SUN is still alive and doing well!

If you need anything don’t hesitate to ask. We’re on teamspeak often as well should any of you ever wish to chat.

While we don’t have a diplomatic team, I would love to maintain a friendly relationship between our two orgs. I look forward to seeing you guys in the 'verse.

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Welcome to the forums Lieutenant Warfield. It’s good to have you here!

I appreciate the warm welcome!


Thank you!

This seems like a good place to be. I’m glad I stopped by, I’d fly with you guys and gals anytime!

And thanks for the added forum permissions, I posted in Diplomatic Relations for anyone interested in SUN

Heh, well thats probebly only for higher-ups. Regular members like me can see our diplomatic progression sadly. :unamused:
All though I’m confident in that they will obviously inform us of ADI’s future allies at least prior to game launch! :slight_smile:

Apologies! It’s nothing more then a single post with a blurb about Systems United Navy.

Although I foresee great things for both our organizations in the verse this wasn’t originally a diplomatic mission haha XD Just throwing it out there for anyone interested in.

Then again people that are on teamspeak at all get to hear us talk about things like this in membership meetings and daily chat. :unamused:

Warfield, I would like to request that you directly only link SUN’s info in the diplomatic forums as ADI leadership would be respectful to not post any links directing your members to our website. It may be misconstrued by others as an attempt to poach members.

Just a friendly heads up.

Absolutely understandable and I can assure you that was not my intention.
Sorry about the mix-up!