Greetings from Superzombie

Another new guy, or zombie actually.

Former Eve Online, Elite Dangerous player, looking for new ships to fly and new worlds to conquer. Mining, hauling, blowing stuff and people up, I’m in for the whole range of space adventures.

See you ingame ?

Hello Superzombie,

Welcome to the org. Looking forward to get to know you on mumble and to fly with you.

Merry christmas and happy new year.

Welcome Superzombie!!! Good to have you with us, Onboarding with you now :smiley:

Superzombie, eh? Just try to eat before you come online. I have -no- interest in your diet.
But welcome to ADI! I’ll see you in Blackwell’s!

Welcome zombi! See you in discord & mumble.

Hey Superzombie!

Welcome to the ADI Forums! If you haven’t already, please hop onto our mumble server and complete your onboarding. A Staff member (denoted by |T|, |AD|, |D| or |SD|) should be available to help you out.

If you’ve already done that, then I hope to see you around on Mumble and in the 'verse. If you do ever get bored of playing SC, we do have other supported games that you should be aware of. ARK has become a favorite of lots of us here at ADI and we are active on that game as well. We also have several people who are playing CoD: Infinite Warfare.

Anyway, I’ve rambled on long enough. See you around!

Welcome to the ADI, Superzombie.

Thanks for the warm welcome !

Welcome to ADI Superzombie!

You definitely found yourself in the right place for “all of the above” in your desired activities. I look forward to seeing you in Star Citizen!

Welcome Superzombie!

And thank you for your interest in ADI! We hope you’re enjoying your holiday season. It sounds like you have a good range of space sim games as well as a good hold to what you want to do within SC/ADI job wise. Be sure to take some time getting settled in and getting to know a few members; we hold a SC/ADI associated Friday night flight night which is where you can get to know many of them. ADI also supports a few other games, such as ARK & CoD, so if your interests lie with any of those, be sure to hook up with us there as well.

Either way, let us know if you have any other questions, and once again, welcome to the ADI family!