Greetings from Rowland621


Hello I’m Rowland and I’m new to star citizen, I want to say thank you for accepting my application and look forward to seeing what we can do.


Welcome to ADI, as well as to Star citizen and the verse as a whole. How have you been enjoying it so far?


Welcome to ADI, Rowland! When you get a moment, hop onto our mumble server so that we can finish up the onboarding process for you. We have plenty of coop activities going on most of the time and this is the best way to get you hooked up. Looking forward to seeing you, soon!


Confusing a little, have not managed to complete a single contract yet, but slowly figuring it out.


I will try to do so as soon as I can. Wife’s birthday today so busy trying not to screw it up lol.


Welcome to ADI. Hope to see you around in the verse soon!


Hello welcome to ADI I think you will like it here good people and it’s a great org see you soon in the verse and in mumble


Yea when I started I couldn’t even get my mustang off the pad! So you’re ahead already!


Welcome to ADI Rowland621 :slight_smile:

Nice to have you with us.

See you in the Verse!


Hello Rowland and welcome to ADI! I hope you can get your onboarding done and then check out what ADI has to offer. I think you will be pleased and the members and leadership, here in ADI, are awesome! See you in the Verse!


Welcome Rowland. Glad to have you aboard.


Welcome Aboard to ADI Rowland621! If you have any questions, including with contracts, please feel free to ask them here. However, they will probably be answered quicker in Discord or Mumble. What ship(s) do you currently have? Hope to see you in the Verse soon!


Hey Rowland and welcome to ADI! always nice to see new players to Star Citizen joining our org, i’m sure you’ll find a role that will suit you best and be working in the 'verse in no time!


Welcome to ADI Rowland. I think you’ll find that we can and do accomplish quite a bit together. I’m looking forward to flying with you!


Welcome to ADI Rowland. This is a great org for players starting out. There are loads of experienced players and a real mentoring spirit in ADI. I’m still learning thing about the game too. So don’t be shy, jump onto Mumble, on to Discord or explore these forums. There’s a wealth of information to be had and it generally starts with you introducing yourself and asking a question. I look forward to running ops with you.


Hi there, Rowland621! Good to see you join us! I’ll join up with ya in the 'Verse soon!


Welcome Rowland, there are different hurdles to avoid while trying to complete contracts. I am looking forward to giving you a heads up on mumble.

Happy Birthday to your wife.


Thank you Bannuk



Welcome aboard man. I’m glad you picked ADI, I know it’s a bit quiet but that shouldn’t last long once 3.5 drops. Let me know if I can help you out with anything.



Hello Rowland621 glad to have you with ADI =D, cant wait till i see you in the verse