Greetings from R3NDITI0N! A new player to the SC universe :)


I recieved an in-game message and wanted to stop by your site and say hello! I am new to SC although I pledged to the game about a year ago. I saw great potential in SC and as of the recent alpha release, wanted to start exploring it.

If you are online and have helpful tips, tricks, and advice - I would welcome it all.

I’m a semi-casual gamer - primarily play Mechwarrior Online now, however, I have been eager for this game for quite some time. Feel free to reach me at or on Discord,

Thanks for your time - look forward to meeting you!

  • R3N

Welcome to ADI R3ndition :slight_smile:

Hop on Mumble and Discord and you will find a lot of people ready to help you!
Feel free to stream non-OPs just be sure to be in a streaming channel on Mumble. If you want to streams OPs thn check out this link

I hope to see you in the Verse soon!

Welcome to ADI man, glad to have you with us =D, i see you in the verse

Thank you for the warm welcome! I’ll hop into mumble today and if someone can share the link to the Discord - I’ll bookmark that as well. Thank you! See ya soon :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome R3N - once you get on mumble and complete onboarding you’ll be a full fledge member of ADI. What ships / roles do you find most appealing in the Verse? I played Battletech computer games a long time ago as well as the board game - I also play the new single player game - never got into MWO though. Welcome to ADI.

welcome to game and to ADO r3nditi0n look forward to flying with you. if you have any questions about the game or things that have changed in the last year feel free to hit me up any time id be happy to help :slight_smile: see you out there

Welcome! I look forward to flying with you.

Welcome to ADI, R3N!

Looks like we’ve had a couple of streamers come on board recently, always good to have more! :slight_smile: look forward to catching up with you at some point & watching the streams.

Greetings, Alxa!

I just started playing recently, however, right off the bat I am being drawn to exploration and scouting. Send me a message and I’m happy to tag and help with any mission or task - Its the most fun way for me to learn :slight_smile:
See ya soon!

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Hey there, R3ndition! Welcome to the org. We have lots of streamers in the org. Things are pretty active in mumble and this provides lots of material for you to stream. You can always invite people to participate in your stream, just make sure that you stick to the steaming channels in mumble for this type of stuff. Again, welcome to ADI and I will see you, soon!

Welcome to ADI, R3ndition! I’ve piloted a couple thousand drops in MWO, but not for about a year now. Looking forward to MW5 though. Sometimes you just need to blow stuff up with giant robots. Good to have you here.

Welcome to the fold. Hope to see you in the verse kicking a** and taking names along side the rest of us at ADI.

Greetings @R3NDITI0N!

I'll check out the stream sometime. Glad to have you with us. See you around the verse!

Hey brother! Thanks for the message! I’m going to be running around this morning looking for uniform pieces - if I see you’re around - shoot me a message

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industies R3N! If ever you need help or a wingman this is the group to ask lol safe flyin out there :slight_smile:

Hello there, R3NDITION! I hope you find your SC experience rewarding! It looks like you have some tech experience, you will find a lot of tech guys in ADI! Welcome and see you in game!