Greetings.. and Introduction


I’m new to Star Citizen and to ADI.

I’ve been playing MMORPG’s (SWTOR and WoW before that) for the past 8 years, consistently, and have been a hard core raider for all of that time, averaging 3 nights a week for raids with the same group of friends.

The time has come to move on from SWTOR, and I am very excited to see what Star Citizen is all about.

Here are some of my RL interests.

  • Trance, Dubstep, and electronic music
  • Basketball
  • Python programming
  • Linux (RHEL, Fedora, Gentoo)
  • Computer security

Please send me a message or find me in mumble if you are interested in learning more!

awesome to have ya!

Hey exploit! Welcome to the ADI community.
I’m always happy to see MMO veterans - I was a WoW raider for about 5 years. I was one of the founders of a guild that was … at one point top 10 in the US in progression and about top 20 in the world. Wonderful game … terrible game… all at once.

It was good to see you getting your on boarding done this evening - please don’t hesitate to let any one of us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Welcome again to the community and look forward to gaming with you in the future!

Morning, Exploit!

Welcome to Star Citizen and to ADI!

While we wait for SC to launch, we also play quite a few other games. Feel free to hop in with us any time!

Welcome exploitpkg,

On behalf of the many ADI members, welcome…we’re excited to have you on board! You’re definitely in good company, what with the many MMO players we have. Once you’re all set, continue to hop in Mumble from time to time, in order to better familiarize yourself with a few of our many members. We look forward to seeing you our Friday night flight nights if you can make them. Hit me up if you would like to get some flying time in as well. Once again, welcome to the family! Let us know if you have any questions.


Hey there exploit,

Just a reminder - try to hop onto mumble at some point to get your on boarding completed.
Once that is done, you can get access to the rest of the ADI forums and keep up with our activities and games.