Green Hobbit

Hello there, i am a player who prefer not to be in the middle of the battle. So i will do cargo and support or luxery and exploring, i guess.

Its nice to be part of a big org with some more opportunities.

So hello, thats me :slight_smile:

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welcome Hobbit, I’m into the same kind of stuff. Were actually hanging out in the PU at the moment on my 890.

Green hobbit welcome welcome. Star citizen and ADI can offer just that. Lots of ships that need crew. And if you don’t want to pick up a rifle or pilot a fighter. Doesn’t mean you can’t find a place on the battlefield. But either way welcome. I’m a commercial pilot my stuff hull series ships.

Welcome Green! We will need cargo runners and support for our operations and those are important roles for the Org. You’ll also find experienced pilots, marines and training programs here that will all help you get more comfortable with combat. I look forward to flying with you!

Awwww, the green hobbit with those nice thread about SC Fashion at Spectrum. You really made a nice plus with it, since it shew creativity and interest for other things than bang boom bang, @GreenHobbit

Anyway, thanks for joining our organization and concerning to your department interests - they suit well. We have commerce and transport department (where one can even develop in Passenger Transport Positions - my main focus of interest), Mining and Salvage, Exploration and Survey. So you will find your place here.

Okay, I am talking too much already, welcome in our organization and should you ever need assistance, a tour guide or a taxi, just let me know. I love those lovely places around lorville. And yes - even lorville area can simply be lovely. One just need to know where to look at.

Welcome Green Hobbit. Hope to see you out there with us!

Welcome to ADI GreenHobbit! support roles are important too. Good to have you with us.

welcome to ADI, see you in the verse

Welcome to the team, GreenHobbit! ADI is going to need explorers to map the far reaches of the SC universe once the game goes live. We’ll need to know where the major factions are, where and who controls the primary resources, and maybe even find and recover some derelict capital ships. Don’t ever feel like just because you’re not involved in the middle of a battle that you are not important. ADI needs you and other people who share your interests.

See you in the Verse!

Welcome to ADI @GreenHobbit. If your interest is in cargo & support you’ve definitely come to the org that has the diversity and interests you’re craving. With the future projection of the game you’ll have plenty on your plate find the challenges your looking for.

Welcome, GreenHobbit. Hope to see you around in the verse sometime.

Hey GreenHobbit! Lucky for you there is a vast amount of ADI activity that takes place outside of the battle. Much like myself, you’ll definitely have a less combative, but no less important, role here!

Welcome GreenHobbit! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home with active and experienced members to enjoy the Verse. Hope to fly with you soon!

Welcome! Just keep your shoes on, hairy hobbit feet weird me out! :wink:

Welcome Aboard! In this org all types of game play are welcome! See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI Green. No need to jump in the middle of the fray on your first day. Beside our marine ops are more survival oriented than that. I look forward to running ops with you.

Welcome to ADI, GreenHobbit. I am not much of a front lines fighter either. Most of my ships are support or industry oriented. Plenty of opportunity for different gameplay here. Hope to see you on mumble and discord!

Thanks @all for the warm welcome here. Its good to be part of a big and active org .

Welcome aboard to ADI Hobbit! Make sure to take advantage of Marine Cert training and the OP this weekend! I look forward to flying and fighting along side you!

Welcome and follow the same lines of exploring and cargo work, with side missions.