Gourlay Here and brand new

Hey guys and gals brand new to all this and not very tech savvy. But the game looks amazing and cant wait to play with you all.

Welcome to ADI Gourlay it was great chatting with you today. Hopefully, we’ll get you in the air soon and not via self-eject:smiley:

Welcome to ADI Gourlay! It’s an exciting game to dive into. Lots of folks here to help answer all your questions big and small. See you in the verse!

Welcome! We have lots of people here who can help you get over any tech hurdles you may have. What ship or ships did you decide to start with?

Welcome to ADI and SC Gourlay! Take your time and enjoy the freshness of this amazing game. No pressure to really do anything yet because everything, including the economy, is still in alpha. See you around the Verse!

Hey Gourlay, Welcome to ADI, This game certanilly has set the standards as far as graphics goes. I’ve played other games and thought, hmm I wonder how this would look with if it had star citizen graphics :slight_smile: Glad you are here, Hope to see you in the verse.

Welcome aboard Gourlay. This game can definitely be complex. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Look forward to flying with you in the near future.

Hi welcome Gourlay.

Gourlay welcome to ADI! Learning all the tricks of Star Citizen can be difficult if you have any questions jump on Mumble and we will help you out!

Welcome to ADI Gourlay! I hope you enjoy playing this game and your time in this org. See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI Gourlay. I’m glad you joined the team. I’ll see you around.

Hi there Gourlay. Welcome to the community. The game is amazing indeed. You can play with us anytime. Just pop in the lobby and we will be there. See you in the verse buddy

Welcome Gourlay to ADI, hopefully in the future the game is as great to play as much as how good it looks! (still waiting to munch on ships with salvaging)

Hey, don’t gotta be tech savvy to hold a weapon and press the trigger ;).
Welcome to ADI!

Dont worry, CIG doesnt seem too tech savvy these days either, welcome aboard

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