GoodDomino (Hey, that's me!)


Long time gamer here, looking forward to hitting one of these open world games with an organized group of individuals. With a focus on fun of course. I grew up on Freelancer, Descent and X-Wing, so I’ve been itching to get into a good space game for a long while. No Man’s Sky just didn’t quite cut it for me. Maybe I’ll even get motivated enough to pick up a HOTAS.

Anyway, I’m west coast USA time, work in an office and commute way too much. Also do theater, work a boom for the occasional film, play sports, read less than I’d like, and game a bunch (tabletop, board, card, video, doesn’t really matter to me :smiley:). Hopefully that’s enough of an introduction, if you wanna know more, ask!

See you in the 'verse.

Welcome to ADI. Take a moment to hop on mumble to complete the on boarding interview. Look forward to seeing you around.

Welcome GoodDomino,

glad to have you on board. Hopefully you were able to get on boarded alright. Hope to fly with you soon and welcome again!