Getting LTI for free on Ships

All: There is a very slick way to get LTI during the annual sale for ships that you may own that do not have LTI. You will need to invest 30 that is reusable. Here is the process on my YouTube channel.
I hope that it helps.

You should come join us on mumble, we’ve been helping people do this for months with Reliant’s and Hull A’s.

Already did this with an Avenger and have two more P72 for future buys.

Melted my old Avenger and bought a Titan, which so happened to have LTI and got the bug a little, bought a couple Archimedes, melted my existed Freelancer DUR and CCU’d one into the DUR, have one left for possibly doing the same to the Carrack I sort of splurged on, on Friday.

Just wish it would show in my hanger that I just had the DUR and it was LTI instead of still showing the Archimedes but that it has been upgraded.

Ok so a couple weeks ago i ugraded my connie Andromeda to a Aquila.
Yesterday i bought a Archimedes lti with the thought to melt the Archimedes to Aquila with lti…
Only problem here is that i only get 275 dollars for the Aquila :frowning: .
do i miss something here??

sorrie for the bad english, iam Dutch wat can i say :mrgreen:

You don’t get the VAT back when you melt.

If you plan on buying a ship 100% with store credit, you can avoid paying the VAT by creating a fake address somewhere in the US and choosing it as your billing address. When you pay uniquely with store credits it doesn’t check if you have a payment option in that country.

Y’all in Europe get taxed on a purchase even if you use store credit?

Yes, that’s really stupid. Thankfully there is a workaround :smiley:.


I had an Avenger and I melted it to get the Titan (so I could have the ship with LTI). Now… My Avenger was in a Package and when I got the Standalone Titan ship I lost access to the Hangar, Arena Commander, etc.

So, is it possible to have all ships with LTI and still have Beta access provided in the Packages?
I guess one needs at least one package to be able to play the game, right?

Yes you need a package to be able to play the game (and for when the game releases as well !!). There are game packages going at $30 every day for the anniversary sell, I’d advise to pick one of them up.

Thanks, Sangoria.
I saw the Aurora Package for $30. But you cannot buy it with store credit.
Also, it is 10 am here and they are already sold out. :slight_smile: It seems they are selling like hot cakes.
So, I bought the Avenger Package back.

I bought mine with store credit (I actually even bought 2 of them by mistake).

Thanks for this… I had a few ships that were not LTI. Picked up a couple and am all set.