Getting down and dirty

Message for config.ini Gents
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and the rest


Forget it man

Nice find, will have to try it out.

hud_bobHud = 0
Disable Headbob. Sold!

thank god there is a way to disable head bob… gives me headaches if i cant disable it.

Yeah, a pretty thorough writeup on the subject. I like that he at least advises people that some settings can make things unstable.

I usually take his premade “performance” user.cfg, comment out all the commands with a semi-colon, then uncomment those I which to use. Gives me a ready reference in the user.cfg for what the commands do.

However, toward the end of the video he talks about closing out the launcher and running “optimization” programs. This only matters if your maxing out your RAM. Even running the game, Mumble, OBS and a few browser pages, I rarely go over 10GB, so if you have 12-16 it shouldn’t matter. I’m not big on advising the use of “optimizers” as many are crap and can cause more issues than they solve. Some are outright malware.