General Prepare & Console Commands & USER.cfg

Hello, since I was playing Star Citizen I was looking for optimization methods of this game. There is a lot of tutorials but they are based on older versions of SC, so I was studied those tutorials to verify which options are useful and I would like to share my conclusions.

Please let me know if you have any questions, need help, want to give me some advice or any ideas.

Stay save and see you in the verse,

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First of all, good to meet you yesterday…
This was a bit of work! Thank you for hunting down all that information.
I would add that one should consider turning off V-Sync if one’s fps regularly does not meet target. V-Sync is intended to keep high performance video cards from over-revving/heating. If, like me, one does not have one of those, then V-Sync is simply sucking away performance. I should add that our limited polls have indicated that most players prefer 60 fps.
Also, although ccleaner does a host of good things, like remove malware deposited in browser cache by internet ads, it does remove ALL cookies, even the useful ones (there may be an exclusion list, though).

Awesome work, hope to utilize this on my current setup (very similar to your own).

some interesting stuff here.

Thank you!

Would you by any chance know which of the user folder files contains the image of the character?

I have multiple accounts and computers, and I noticed that simply copying the user folder only gives you the character face of the last account that you logged into. Also if you copy the user folder and had different accounts last loged into you get a mess. (doesn’t boot).

So atm I have to make a log in on both computers (after another) of the same account, then copy the user folder, then do it for the next account … and with the third account usually the second computer won’t load the game anymore :frowning:

It’s not very important. Just annoying.


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