General PC Help

I think it would benefit the org greatly to have its members operating at maximum efficiency when the game goes live. To do this, that’s going to require good hardware, but also correct configuration and software to back it up. So here is my suggestoin:

I feel it would be beneficial if some tech experts from the org put together some lists of tools that would steer less tech savvy members in the right direction. Some of our members have spent years in IT and have very in-depth knowledge as to what the best and easiest to use virus detection software is. Another example would be a list of good tools for monitoring your PC’s performance and how to find what’s bottlenecking your framerate and quality. Even more rare would be how to calibrate a monitor for the correct color quality. With so many professionals in the group, anyone capable of the man hours for putting this together?

Quick thoughts, since I’m at work.

You really get the best performance by letting another machine handle the net connection for your house, and then scanning and managing your machine. Setup is long, but hardware is usually easy to get.

Fps issues are hard to address due to the state of the game. Better to address those as they come. Too many variables.

Color correction can be improved by software, but is best done by hardware. Most monitors are tft, which doesn’t have solid color to begin with. We can still get you something.