Gamepad layout suggestions

Was not sure where this post fit best Gen or Tech. but Tech was the first place I looked to see if it was posted before ;D
As I just installed my gamepad I want to hear if anybody have a good mapping file I can try out.

I’ve been fooling around with it , as the standard gamepad config su*@? but I would very much like to see if anybody else maybe came up with something nice.

Btw ps4 controller layout

//Thx :wink:

I use a Logitech Gamepad F130 and while it works in most games very well it isn’t the best in Star Citizen. I use it for flight and walking around and combat but to interact I find it better to use the keyboard/mouse.

I have tried remapping keys, changing sensitivity, dead zones etc but to no avail the game is just not set up to work with a gamepad in my opinion. I have crashed into the landing pad and written off ships more times using the game pad than I care to remember.

If anyone has a better experience then would support ReDevoted with a request for a setup file.



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