Game bug, No Hangar, No ship !!!!

Sorry if the wrong place, But didnt think it fit in Tech (As i think it is server side) :bulb:

Hey all.

I play for some days now and enjoy the game.
But today when want to play, I was not able to chose my Avenger Titan (My only ship).
Go to option i see, My hangar was gone, and no option for me to chose it.
When i go in the game, Every thing was wrong.

When check on webpage, it show my game pack, Hangar and Avenger Titan ship.

After searching for a few hours, i found this post on eddit


If anyone have some tips / help, i am more the happy to try it out.

If no bug fix in the near fruture i am not going to be able to join before that bug is fix.

So not sure when i am going to be back to meet you all in game.


Edit: I have try to remove game, Download all again, Delete user folder, Check files.

Good catch Badedyr. I imagine if this is a bug CIG will fix this fairly quickly since its just about a game breaker and a potential loss of backers.

Badedyr, many people are having this problem right now. People becoming invisible, can’t spawn ships, can’t put on their spaces suits, etc.

It is very likely related to 2.6 being released to the PTU and somehow interfering with the PU. Since so many people are affected CIG is very likely aware of what is going on and should be able to fix this problem soon.

I realize this can feel frustrating but hopefully 2.6 being out not far from now can make up for it. Hang in there :slight_smile:

Yea i hang in there. :laughing:

It only like a buy the game and a ship upgrade, play a few days and then this, Sure it fell annoying. :cry: :imp:

But the game is still being developed so sure, Some bug is going to be in the game.
And better now then when the game is released.