Funny Constellation story


I was able to play today 12-18-15, and I was in the game for like 2 hours, smirk, figured most folks would be out watching crack of the dawn showings of Star Wars!

Well, got into the game, requisitioned a Constellation and was off. Decided to hit the harder Com Arrays out there like 825 or is it 845 and see where the missions there would take me. Well, I got dinged up pretty bad; my on board gravity was out and, unbeknownst to me, I lost my star board airlock hatch (which probably contributed to why I had no gravity in the ship). Well, two things that I found interesting, I went to a new service station, they’re all new to me really when I hit them, really bad with remembering the numbers! Got to the repair station, thought that would take care of the damage to the ship. No, not at all. But, I did notice that my fuel was TOPPED OFF which made me hoot out loud being that I have just never been to a station that actually did what it was suppose to. Well, this isn’t the best part. Was at a Com Array where I had just cleared out the pirates when someone arrived and then went into said array and reset it, I’m no grief giver so I flew cover for him, that and I had a fear he might take my ship :frowning: Once he reset the array I was able to go to the probe and actually get a mission, so, moral of the story, you can reset an array or someone else, so long as you are in the vicinity you get credit as well!

That was profound being that I did not know this! I’m hoping also that they eventually sneak that Pupil to Planet live stream content into our PU play! Just wistful, wishful, thinking.

So yeah, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Connie without a starboard hatch, UNREAL!

By the by, is there a database for grief causing players? Should we, maybe, start one?

Be well in the Verse all!


I think a database of griefers could be a good idea… a org bounty board if you will…

Not sure what will be available in game for it… but I guess we would need to see how bounty hunting will eventually play out.

This is a very dangerous suggestion being proposed here, one I could never support without serious effort is placed into a vetting a griefing event. CIG is putting into play a system where players actions impact their reputation, we can only hope this system will not be bias and subject to a player’s feelings. Every death in space is not being griefed!


The only reason I mentioned a database was basically to put the names of those that actively go after folks, for no better reason than to cause grief in game, down and recorded and then handed off to RSI, Cloud Imperium and anyone who could then register them properly. It wouldn’t be hard being that, as with what happened with me on Wednesday, someone just kept following me around for no reason other than to blow me out of the sky. When that happened, their handle is splashed on the screen. At the time, I didn’t think of taking a screen shot but I will from now on, just to be aware of who is out there that has no other good intentions other than to do what is expressly wrong.

I was just curious if the Organization had something in place, something that would be handed over to the admins of the game to actually see for themselves being that I’m sure they can track every object in every instance, painstaking I’m sure, or not, depends on what they probably have thought of themselves for tracking those who have the idea to play by preying on others.

To reiterate, we would collect names, screenshots and then hand them off to the admins of our Org, changing that one part a bit, who would then hand them to the admins of the game.

Do be well.


Not sure what that would achieve. Griefers/pirates are part of the game, and although we will fight them, I’m not sure what you expect the “Admins of the game” to do with their names. They play the game differently, and in a conflicting way with our views, however they can still play the game however they please.

If CIG wants to reduce griefing, they have to implement the correct game mechanics for it. A bunch of admins tracking who is griefing and who isn’t is simply not realistic and would make for a heck of a boring game to play (I’d like to have pirates to hunt for!).

Just to chime in on the griefers database idea, my opinion (which your 100% welcome to ignore as always) is the PU, although refered to persistent is in no way persistent currently.

People join and leave lobbies so often and so fast (due to crashes etc) the chances of meeting the same random guy(s/girls) is extremely extremely slim. Almost to a point of not worring about it.
Also it is such early days some people out there are in effect “just testing” stuff such as crashing/ramming, or don’t have the controls down and are treating the current 2.0~2.1 as a test enviroment.

Perhaps in the future this issue will need addressing, when persistent universe actually means persistent, but I think currently its a case of joining a random lobby with x number of random players who you will never see again after 5mins, or will have next to no chance of ever running in to again in the near future.

Besides by the time it will truely effect your long term game play Cig will have implmented their player rating/ranking system.

//sorry for derailing the otherwise awesome topic/conversation about your connie story with babbly about griefers. Hope you fly plenty more long sessions and enjoy 2.1!

Oh please,

Comment away! That’s the point really! Thank you for the input from all directions really, this is what it’s all about really!

Really a pleasure to be a member of this organization!

Again, thanks for taking the time to read and respond!

May the Verse be with you (for that alone I should be shot :slight_smile:


Or be put on the griefers list! :mrgreen: