Fun Bugs

Personally I try to just laugh off most of the annoying bugs, some are harder to do that with than others. But I know that most will be fixed eventually, but there is one that I just love when ever it pops up and it makes my night any time it does.

The pop up canopy. I know that eventually it may be the same as explosive decompression. But for some reason it just gives me a feeling of nostalgia to the patch when it first appeared, back when cry Astro was the hot spot of pvp…

Anyone else have a big they love or that just makes them laugh?

The 30k always made me chuckle when one of the traders or miners would curse and scream. That was up until the other night when one cost me 187k of laranite. :sob:

There’s one I have that makes armour, clothing, weapons and accessories disappear and reappear out of my inventory - effectively different every time I log on. That messess up my armour, undersuits and sometimes means that I’m missing a full set of ADI kit.

The rubber banding out of bed and back makes my blood boil. Once persisted from start to finish of an org event :rage: literally stopped a minute or two before the end. I’ve only had it twice since and it lasted for less then 3 respawns :confused:

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Getting stuck in my ROC is always fun.

But my favourite is on Area 18 (i think loreville i have no idea)… Walking up the stairs to go to the space port after you get off the train and well it just isn’t there and and you fall…and fall…and fall…it is actually quite scenic until you die.

I think I have to say the pop up canopy is also my favourite, had that happen to me while landing in Lorville in my arrow all the way from 16km up to the hangar

I assume my arrow was just a bit chatty that day

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