Welcome aboard to ADI FriendCalledFive! So is your name really Five since you are now our official friend? … Sorry … lol. Anyway, I hope to fly or drive with you in the verse since it appears you already have a nice little fleet.


Welcome, FriendcalledFive! Interesting name ya got there. Glad to have you aboard! I’m diggin the arsenal of hardware you picked up. Hope to see you in the 'Verse soon!


Hello 'Five, and welcome!

Can I also get a ticket for a Carrack ride? I’m on the fence about getting one the next time there’s a sale with LTI.

Also that’s a nice fleet you have.

I’m eager to see you in the 'verse!


For Marine Certification; you just need to volunteer, respond to one of Arreat’s posts like this one and show up; Marine Certification is instructional, has a manual you should be familiar with and includes the test.


Hi, of course you are welcome aboard when it is delivered :slight_smile:


Thanks, I am not very combat oriented yet, but I will read up on it and do some practice then will put in for the cert :slight_smile:


Thanks, the name comes from an old Gary Numan song called Down In The Park - I am old!


Cool. Marine Certification isn’t too technical; there’s no gun play. It’s done on P.O., in an air-lock and a landing pad, not planet side. If you want shooting practice, and don’t want to play Star Marine, go to the surface of Cellin. There’s tons of rocks around to plink at, plus if you shoot at rocks near your ship, you’ll see how far you are away from them. As far as I can tell there’s no windage in the game yet and no effect of gravity on ballistic trajectory so ballistic shots appear to land where you aim them.

The Commerce Certification is run by Spikelite. Find the instructions here. It’s just a test of your ability to buy, take off, navigate, QDT, fly, land and sell a unit of cargo. There’s no instruction so unless you want to test the lowest threshold of a passing grade [like I did :weary:] do a bunch of cargo runs with the emphases on landing. Cheers.

p.s. We’re all old. Gary Numan is younger than I am.


Thank you sir, I will have a read of that one too :slight_smile:
Glad I am not the only oldie around here!


Hey now Mesachie, who you calling old (I am 49 this year)?!! … LOL … cough … cough


Hey man welcome to ADI! got to meet you today for a bit before I had to leave, I look forward to playing with you in the coming days and we can help you get into the swing of things, you’ll be running widow in no time!


Welcome FriendCalledFive to ADI =D, i be looking foward to play SC with you in the verse.


Welcome FriendCalledFive. We are happy to have you and I hope to see you in the verse.


Nice to meet you too. Sorry, but that is a negative on the Widow for me, I am not going to be a drug runner in the game, no matter how lucrative it is.


Ahhhh that’s what they all say, they all cave in eventually…


Welcome to ADI. I hope to see you soon in the verse.


Thanks, you too :slight_smile:


Welcome to ADI! Looking forward getting to know you better! :slight_smile:


Thanks, you too :slight_smile:


I would almost guarantee they’ll knock that cargo space. Or make it a modular option to add up-to that cargo capacity. We’ll see. Got a ship on standby to upgrade to the Carrack so i’ll be excited to see how it plays.