Hi, just joined, am looking forward to playing with you :slight_smile:


Welcome to ADI looking forward to Onboarding you. What are you flying these days?

My fleet currently consists of:

Super Hornet
Cutlass Black
Grey Cat
Tumbril Cyclone

Welcome to ADI. Hopefully you’ll be seeing that carrack in-game by the end of the year

A pretty good spread of ships! and only one that isn’t out! Glad to have you with us.

How loud is that Greycat though? I feel like you can always here it from very far away.

Welcome to ADI FriendCalledFive. That’s an impressive array of machinery. It looks like you’ll never be bored, nor without something to do. You’re in good company here at ADI. I look forward to running ops with you. Cheers.

Thanks, can’t wait to see the Carrack in game, I am just hoping the changes they are making doesn’t impact the cargo capacity, I have a nasty feeling it will.

Thanks, I like to have choices in gameplay. I have never really noticed how loud the GC is, but I only got it for fun, I am not planning any stealth missions with it :slight_smile:

Thanks, I like to have various ships so I can choose between different roles in game depending on my mood, although the logistics long term might make that harder with you having to move ships in game, and not just be able to spawn what you want.

Good call on your ships FriendCalledFive. I love that 300i commercial, but then again I loved that Freelancer commercial so much I bought one.

Welcome to ADI FriendCalledFive :slight_smile:

Nice to have you with us.

See you in the Verse!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Welcome FriendCalledFive! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right place to call home with active and experienced members to have fun with. Those are all great ships, I have the Cutlass Black as well, its a very nice ship, Can’t wait to get a tour of the Carrack when that is released. Hope to see you in the Verse!

Thanks, I love my Cutlass, it is my go to ship. You will be welcome to check out the Carrack :slight_smile:

Hey, FriendCalledFive!

I agree about the cutlass - it IS the go to ship… However, I’m biased :slight_smile: Great to meet you and look forward to hanging out! :slight_smile:


Thanks, you too :slight_smile:

Hello Friend and welcome to ADI! Nice ships you have in your inventory! You are off to a great start! Be sure to check out the cert training and the OPs that are available. See you in the Verse!

Welcome to ADI, FriendCalledFive. We are really pushing the boundaries of what you can accomplish in SC right now- you have picked a great place to call home in the verse. Look forward to flying with you soon.

Thanks, what do I need to do for the cert training? I can’t see information on the website.

Welcome to ADI FriendCalledFive. Nice looking lineup - you’ll have plenty to do in the Verse. We share a lot of crossover ships so looking forward to flying with you soon!