Friend and I always spawn 600m apart

When spawning at PO, having selected to join friends on the same server, and having accepted a party invite, we always spawn about 600m apart. I’ll be in the lobby, he will be in the lobby, we will be in lobbies 600m apart. One or other of us can spawn a ship and fly to another part of PO and meet up, but we always seem out of sync. I may be standing in front of my friend and he can’t see me, for example. Any ideas?

This is normal, there are only 16 beds be strut on PO. Same thing happens at other spawn sites like Lorville, but since there is an elevator going to the same lobby it’s not an issue.

Only solution is to have one of you EVA over or do what you’re doing now.

So, is it normal to be out of sync at times, like today, I find my friend, he is standing in front of me on the pad, but he is actually in the ship?

That is a completely different problem… I’ve not seen that before.

Are you on mumble when doing this? I’d be curious if others in your same party are seeing these glitches.

Yes, we are on Mumble when we meet up. During the same meeting, once I got on his ship, he took off but I was left behind, floating above the pad. He came back and I got back on and away we went to Daymar. He got out of the pilots seat for me to take over, and was standing directly in front of the seat making it almost impossible to take his place but, but in fact he had actually left the bridge! etc…

did you already tried to delete your user folder and then recheck/verify your files? sometimes old information/shaders got stuck, which could cause some problems. That could help if you glitch out of ships/objects

But the De-Sync is really strange, did you already try a server in a different region?

I forgot to mention that this is in the PTU.

Yes, thinking about it, it may be the user folder.

When I first tried to log into the PTU I couldn’t, so I deleted the shaders folder which did the trick. I didn’t delete the whole USERS folder as it gets tedious remapping everything each time. But, I’ll give that a try.

for your bindings, just copy your xml file to a different place, so you can the re-copy it to your user folder (sub folder for bindings) and easely remap it. This works most of the times for me, if they change to much in bindings and controls, i need to fix that stuff manualy, but this is mostly the same thing without deleting it

with this copy, i could transfer my bindings from PTU to PU and vice versa very comfortable

I’m using an ADI 3.8.1 profile that maps a lot of the settings, but not all, and none of my little add ons like mining etc. It probably only takes 10 mins or so, but it does become tedious!