Friday Flight Night! My very first.

Hey guys! I know i haven’t been very active since I’ve joined. I joined up a few months ago but i was gone for work. That being said, i’m back on my main rig for the next few weeks and i’m very excited for tonight’s flight. Just one small caveat… I’m pretty bad at flying. I mean, i’m not the worst but i could use some help. I’ll be linking up with the EU group tonight and i was wondering if there will be a group of the less experienced pilots that maybe i could join instead? Thanks in advance.


Edit: I should add that i’m using a Saitek x52. No TrackIR yet but hopefully soon.

We’ll have guys with all levels of skill… We’re going to focus on COOP for right now, to help newer pilots get the hang of flying in a group… So you’ll be fine.

Well, that makes sense haha. I’'m looking forward to it!