Frequently Asked Questions (Read Me)


[size=150]1.) Why am I still listed as a “New Member” and not have access to other forum sections?[/size]

There are several reasons if you are listed as “New Member”. Those reasons would be either you have not completed an interview on Mumble or you have not fully been on-boarded with a recruiter. This is a process that must be completed prior to being able to access confidential information on operations and training.

[size=150]2.) Why do we not allow our members to be a part of multiple organizations?[/size]

There are many reasons we do not allow multiple organization memberships; however, this decision was made to ensure the prosperity of all of our members. Primarily, our members often have access to proprietary and sensitive information that if leaked would put our member’s ships and success in the game in peril. Secondly, we have found, in our experience, that having multiple memberships can cause a reduction in corporation loyalty and reduced commitment to the primary corporation.

[size=150]3.) Are you a hardcore organization? Am I required to be a hardcore player in order to join?[/size]

No, we are considered a regular commitment org. We may take a hardcore approach to building the organization, but we do not require our members to be hardcore players. We accept all players that share our goals and interests, regardless of them being casual or hardcore.

[size=150]4.) What does training entail?[/size]

Each of the in-game roles will have a certificate that will need to be obtained in order to display the competency of each member. Some of these may include simple aspects of the game and others may be more in depth, requiring player skill or technique. Most of the training methods might be easier than some, but there are others that require a large amount of practice, such as training a combat pilot of FLEETSEC with proven tactics and strategies to assure mission success.

[size=150]5.) Why are there such high standards for your pilots in Fleet Security?[/size]

We want all of our members to be great at what they do, regardless of their division. However, FLEETSEC members are held to a higher standard than the rest. This is because they are a very important part to the success of our organization. They provide security to our Commerce and Exploration divisions primarily so we can be self-sustaining.

[size=150]6.) What are unacceptable activities?[/size]

We take our reputation very seriously. As such, any members participating in any activity including, but not limited to, piracy, extortion, or any other illegal activities as defined by ADI, will be disciplined. This can include being removed from the organization, loss of position or being turned in for a bounty. This is dependent on how serious the infraction was.

[size=150]7.) Why do I have to be on Mumble?[/size]

There are many reasons why we want our members on Mumble. For one it allows us and our members to get to know you. We’re not an Organization that just invites everyone randomly and accepts them. Two, it prevents vital information from leaking and our org being infiltrated. And three, it pushes the recruit to invest in their time here. Every individual member is important to us and we want to see them make appearances.

[size=150]8.) Why do I have to make a post with this template after I’ve already been invited to the org? [/size][url][/url]

We require your first post to be made with this template filled out so we don’t have to ask you so many questions. This template is used to keep a record of everything. This information is quickly stored away for your privacy in a place that only leadership can see after you’ve been accepted.

[size=150]9.) What does the interview consist of?[/size]

Simple. It’s purely for us to get to know you, ask you a few questions, give you the opportunity to get your questions answered and make sure you’ll be a good fit for our group and that we’d be a good fit for you as well. The interview is nothing to be afraid of. Again, we’re laid back guys. We just want to get to know you.