Freelancer MIS or wait

Hey guys long time no see!! Ive been waiting for the chance to get the Freelancer Mis for a while now (almost 11 months). They say the MIS is limited edition militarized ship variant and i was wondering, does that mean it wont be sold in the real game? Also i really agree with working for the ships in game but this deal only comes once in a citizens lifetime and i really want this ship. Do i buy the Freelancer MIS when it goes on sale or will the ship be in the game and wait.

My understanding is every vessel will be available in-game, limited edition did apply to pre-launch purchases. Of course CIG has now gone back and there appears to be no limited edition anything anymore.

The Idris, Javelin, 890 Jump, Glaives, Scythe are all quantity limited. Some ships like the MIS are time limited sales. I would say if you are that excited and waited 11 months then it may be worth buying, especially since you can get LTI by buying a P-72 and upgrading it to the MIS.

lol once in a citizen lifetime

I’ve got one, and have had it for a year, but I’m not sure I plan on keeping it. It’s basically the perfect ship in its class for fighting and multi-tasking (It’s basically a baby Connie), but I don’t know that it fits my perceived playstyle. I’ve been toying with the thought of trading it in for a Redeemer, but really, I don’t think you can buy a better ship at this price point if you want to make a combat hellion of a ship.

If you’ve been waiting, pick this thing up. It’ll be expensive to load all those missiles when you start the game, though.

Just remember missiles don’t come with LTI… owning a Connie, MIS, Tali, and any bomber will come with some costs… and the more free you are with using those missiles just drive costs higher.

But aren’t the missiles part of the stock load out of the freelancer Mis? So if it gets destroyed doesn’t it come fully loaded again with its missiles?

When you get into a fight you will fire off missiles on an MIS… tons of missiles, that is its design. I serious doubt missile will be free. Missiles shouldn’t be a stock load out and auto replenished, does your ship get infinite fuel?

The MIS is a great looking ship, just understand it maybe an expensive fighting ship though.

With LTI the ship is restored to the condition it was before it went “kaboom”. So, I guess if you had used your missiles, they will not be replenished. You will get the same amount that you had before you lost the ship. If your ship was in need of repairs, you won’t get a brand new one either. Anyway, I think this is the theory so far. I hope that answers your question about LTI. Here is a link about LTI: … rification

The MIS comes with a “missle replenishing system” I’m assuming it just creates it’s own missles and you never run out.

I believe that is a dead wrong assumption. Food, supplies and munitions will not resupply automarically. They currently don’t in 2.0, why would they in the PU.
Plan on the worst scenario and be pleasantly suprised otherwise.

I believe that “replenishing system” means that it loads new missiles from the “cargo” area into the missile launchers. I think only factories can build missiles and you will need a list of raw materials…

Like Gus says, The replenishing system is CIG’s way of saying auto loader. it takes missles from with in a rack like system with in the cargo hold of the MIS. That said if you are looking for a combat capable freighter to escort your cargo runs, or you plan on escorting cargo missions and you want to be able to make some aditional proffit also then the MIS is a good choice.

I really wanted a MIS and changed my mind when I realized the cost that would be involved keeping her loaded with missiles.

I wonder if you’ll be able to manufacture ammunition’s or only buy from npc stores…

So which Freelancer is best to get? im thinking of the DUR as id like it for cargo and exploring.

The right freelancer depends on the job you want to use it for.
What I see the varients purpose as:
The MIS (Militia varient)- Used for carrying cargo while escorting cargo runs.
The Dur (exploration)- Used for your first step into multy crew exploration with lower opperating costs and also able to carry some cargo.
The Max- Used for securily haling nearly the same CU as a hull A but on the inside
Freelancer- Used for risky high value small cargo runs either alone or with a small crew.

Hope this helps and again it is only my advice on what I see the different freelancers purpose as.

Thanks for the info guys. So looking at the data on the website does the MIS come with unmanned turrets and a manned turret? The data shows that the standard, DUR, MAX come with a manned turret and the MIS doesn’t but if you look at the images on the MIS it does have a turret on top like the rest…?

Granted this game is very early in development and everything is subject to change, but we now see CIG intends to make missiles cost money every time you shoot them (in fact missiles are the most expensive cost, higher than fuel and repairs, currently in the game) and missiles are virtually useless as ships can easily use cruise to outrun any missiles (hopefully CIG will pull their heads out of their proverbial asses on this one).

I’m not saying don’t buy your MIS, just cautioning you that game mechanics currently don’t favor a ship like the MIS.

(Note: I haven’t been in SC in the last month and things in 2.5 may have changed.)

I think missiles were made less effective since 2.0.

The base freelancer is a general purpose ship that’s decent at everything. It has good weapons and lots of missiles, and 52 SCU
The Freelancer DUR is largely identical to the base version, other than it has sensor suits, more fuel, and fewer missiles, supposedly it is supposed to have less storage space, but is listed at 52 SCU
The Freelancer MAX is more different, It has 123 SCU, but doesnt come with missile pylons (supposedly keeps its s3 pylons). It also lists 4 engines vs 2 and a larger power unit but a weaker shield, supposedly it also has half as many guns on the unmanned turrets.
The Freelancer MIS features a selfloading dorsal missile launcher, but no dorsal turret. it claims to have 52 SCU also, but that can’t possibly be right as the cargo bay is half the size of the others due to being much narrower. Otherwise it is the same as the base version

Honestly I suspect most of the posted stats are not accurate, so who really knows. Personally I would go with either the base, dur, or max (or a hull b instead, as it can carry 384 SCU and be turned into a Q ship).