Free Fly weekend until the 20th

Additionally, we get access to every single flyable ship in the game, including Vanduul.
Here’s your chance to test some ships without spending REC.
Now you can check out a ship you’ve been thinking about purchasing, and decide.


Cutlass’ are not included in the Free Fly

I just flew the Sabre and did OK in it. Not as well as I do in a Gladius but it will be mine one day! :smiley:
I chose a Vandul ship to try in AC and when I loaded I was in a LN!?!

It broke my heart… I called one up, climbed in and all I could do was sit there and wish. Im really thinking about upgrading my Avenger to a Cutlass, too :frowning:

I really want a Cutlass Blue.

Same here. For now I may end up trading up to the Black and then buying missles, since the Black has 2 S2 pylon mounts, then maybe trade to the Blue when it gets ingame.

I like my Avenger, but I wanted something with more room…