FPS Squad

Hi so i am very new to the org, and i realize the fps part of the game has to come a little way to be what it needs to be. But i want to get involved as early as can be with a good group of lads so that when SC fps finally kicks off fully ill be ready to go!

Ive also seen that there is held tournaments in 4 man squads Star Marine and i would like to get involved with this. I think there is a tournament the 19th dec.

I come from CSGO, and i am a global elite matchmaking player, faceit level 8-10 player, this depends on my activity mostly, so teamplay is my favorite part of any fps shooter.

So i want to get involved with people maybe more experienced than me if there are, or less experienced, but with the the want do to the boring repetitions that ultimately make you better.

I say boring repetitions as of right now, there isnt really all that much fps to offer ingame. But the scenarios one can practice will never change. So if we are just dry running breach formations etc. I am down. I realize this is not for all, but i am looking to be a part of the elite group of fps players in the org and i believe starting as early as possible is nothing but positive.

I am from Norway, so maybe EU would be best timezone wise but honestly i work nights so all i have seen so far is americans.

Let me know if anyone shares my passion for this, or has room for one.


We have various missions we run and some include ground assault on a bunker in game. The AI have gotten aggressive in recent patches and they provide a challenge for a fire team. If you want to hone your skills, you can always go to Loreville on Hurston and do bunker missions yourself.

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We also have a few people that play squad, a team based FPS online shooter.

I think it would help to do the Marine Certification for PvP play as well, I did mine recently and can’t wait to put it to practice! I enjoyed our Star Marine session @mario-milanista keep at it dude! :slight_smile: If you organise any sessions let me know Ill try and join as I enjoy the FPS part of this game as well.

yeah, am doing mine on sunday. ive read through the manual three times so i got some of it down atleast.

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thats all ive been doing recently. that and star marine.