Forum activity

To all ADIers,

Membership in the SC ADI rooster is ap. 150 members. The activity on the forums (here) on the other hand is very slow. What would be the reason for this? In my opinion an active forum is a community builder and it would be great if more of you fellow members will contribute to it.

Lets start a discussion, what does the forum need to be more interesting?



The game isn’t out yet which is one reason activity levels are so low… Second, most people are on teamspeak, and we normally have 25-35 people on every night. And the discussions on their are lively to say the least :wink:

lively… lol

Yeah, most of us are on teamspeak and don’t really create many topics on the forums since we usually discuss them on teamspeak. If we need to give important information, we throw them up on the forums for everyone.